OMD HR Academy


We have never understood why there is a belief that any person from the organisation with a little common sense can work in and even lead the human resources function.

Our function is not a science, but it does require technique. Therefore, in order to carry out “advanced people management”, the professionals in the area require extensive and solid Operational Excellence. This technical knowledge is somewhat compulsory in functions such as marketing, finance, the supply chain, etc., but it is not considered to be very important in our function.

Implementing Key Human Resources Management Processes requires well-trained professionals that can run them and manage them over time.

In our opinion, there are three main players in the implementation of Human Resources Management Processes:

  • HR specialists, who are responsible for their design in line with the Organisation’s Strategy and Culture.
  • The HRBPs or HR Managers from one part of the Organisation, as a link between the function and the line, who must adapt them to the reality of the group that they are managing.
  • The Organisation’s Executives and Managers, as people managers, who must put them into action with the team that they manage.

Objective of OMD HR Academy:

  • To ensure and increase HR Professionals’ Operational Excellence (so that they can give value to their business partners)
  • To train executives and managers so that they can manage their teams professionally. As a manager, it is not enough to have team management skills; rather, they need to have knowledge of the processes and how to implement them excellently.


OMD HR Academy Training Curriculum: We have designed role-specific content for both groups to encourage their development.

  • Programmes for HR professionals: these programmes are aimed at providing them with technical knowledge of each of the Key HR Management Processes, in relation to both the Organisation and People.
  • Programmes for Executives and Managers: these programmes are aimed at ensuring that this group has the technical skills and knowledge required to manage their teams.
  • Practical seminars and Shared Knowledge: to create a space in which OMD may share with its clients (or potential clients) information relating to Human Resources Management Processes, delivering our operational excellence and daily experience in various organisations where we are implementing these, and to gain knowledge about how this is being done in different Companies (Best practices and knowledge sharing approach). In line with our commitment to HR Professionals’ development, the OMD HR Academy seminars are free of charge.

We deliver both open programmes (offering the students networking with HR professionals from other major companies) and in-company programmes (seeking to adapt the content to the client’s processes and expectations as far as possible).

Why OMD HR Academy? Our programmes are extremely practical thanks to the “virtuous circle” connecting our three divisions:   Consulting (we design and develop the key human resources management processes), HR Platform (we implement the processes with simple and effective technology), and HR Academy (we train HR professionals and managers so that they can manage them).

Every day we design and develop human resources management processes in the best companies (we have real practical experience); we are up-to-date with the latest trends in human resources management, and we have simple and effective tools which the companies use.

In our programmes:

  • We talk about “what is not found in books”.
  • We work on a host of practical cases with students.
  • We use professional computer tools in the classroom.

Finally, our staff is composed of specialists who have held HR managerial positions in major leading national and multinational companies.

Not just anyone can manage people!