How to implement the HR Marketing function within the Human Resources Department


Given the impending cycle change, the Companies face two major challenges: First, to renew the commitment of their employees, because experience during these years of crisis has shown that everything that was preached in the management of The people, has been seriously questioned when it has touched down labor costs. And the second, the attraction of talent to be able to grow again, in a context in which there will be a huge demand for professionals and, the good, those who “make the difference”, are scarce. We are convinced that a HR Marketing Strategy, responsible and consistent with the Company’s value proposition to its current and potential employees, can and should be a key lever for HR in the new context. Come and learn what to do and how to do it!

DIRECTED TO: HR and / or Internal Communication professionals, who want to have the keys to be able to design their value proposition to the current employees and the potential that they can contract.

DURATION: 4 hours

HR Marketing Seminar

AIMED AT: OMD Human Resources Academy / TMP Worldwide


Bring back to work a clear and shared idea of what HR Marketing is, or should be, its content and objectives, and the key levers for its deployment in the Organization, to ensure the retention and attraction of the best professionals.

  •     Who I am as a Company: my strategic plan and my culture
  •     What is my human resources strategy?
  •     The role of HR Marketing: what to do:
    •     Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
    •     Employer Branding (EB)
  •     The communication strategy: internal and external
  •     Real examples of communication to employees and potential employees
  •     How to measure the impact of our communication plan
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