ZURICH ESPAÑA – Proyecto de Reorganización de Puestos

ZURICH SPAIN trusts OMD HR Consulting for the Technical training and reinforcement of its HR team, with a view to carrying out the Jobs Restructuring Project in 2014-2015

The Zurich Group is currently in the process of implementing a common Jobs and Levels structure for the entire Group at the global level. This involves a common methodology and platform, but one which must be adapted to and reflect the specific organisational reality of each Subsidiary.

In order to carry out this process at Zurich Spain in 2015, the Group chose OMD to support them in training and reinforcing the HR team which must conduct the process, with the following objectives:

  • Build an internal work mechanism that enables the objectives of the Jobs restructuring process to be met
  • Train and technically reinforce the HR team appointed, within the designed mechanism, from Zurich Spain in the methodology and work process for implementing the Jobs and Levels Structure.
  • Provide the criteria for evaluating the Jobs internally
  • Technically audit the results of the evaluation Process of the Jobs pending assignment/classification
  • Support the team in presenting the results to the Group’s Management
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