TMP Worldwide – OMD HR Consulting

Mindful of the imminent change in cycle, companies face two major challenges: firstly, renewing their employees’ commitment, because experience during the recent years of crisis has demonstrated that everything that was preached with regard to people management has been questioned seriously when employment costs have needed to be reduced. The second challenge is attracting talent in order to return to growth, in a context in which there will be a huge demand for professionals and in which good ones – those which “make a difference” – are scarce.

We are convinced that a responsible and coherent Marketing Strategy with a value proposition from the Company to its current and potential employees can and must be a key driver for HR in the new context.

For this purpose, we have developed a partnership with TMP Worldwide, a leading company in Communication Solutions for attracting and retaining talent, to support Organisations in designing and implementing a HR Marketing Strategy.

In this partnership, which offers high added value for the Market, OMD HR Consulting’s content Know-How (People Management Policies and Processes) is combined with TMP’s expertise in HR Communication channels, media and audience.

CGP (Consultores de Gestión Pública) – OMD HR Consulting

Consultores de Gestión Pública (CGP) is a company made up of highly qualified professionals from the public sector that provides professional services in the fields of Strategy, Communication, Human Resources, Organisation and Quality for Public Administration and related sectors. (

In 2009, OMD HR Consulting developed a customised version of its OMD JET Job Evaluation Tool for the Public Sector, adapting it to the regulatory requirements of the process, in the context of Administration and with the same flexibility in defining the methodology for the user, adapting to language easily understood by non-expert users, and to usability.

Through this partnership, we intend to provide differential value to the Public Sector in the implementation and maintenance of the Job Evaluation, by combining the capabilities of the OMD HR Consulting Tool and the experience and specialisation of CGP’s consultants in the field of technical assistance consulting for the public sector.

CGP is the only Public Sector Consulting company that offers the OMD HR Consulting Job Evaluation Tool as part of its services, as this collaboration is exclusive.

SAVIA – OMD HR Consulting

Savia is a company specialising in People Management Software Solutions, and one of the leaders in the Public Sector, through GinPix7, the first Human Resources Management and SalarySolution, designed solely and exclusively for Public Administration. (

Through this partnership, OMD HR Consulting has integrated its Job Evaluation Tool for Public Administration into Savia’s GinPix7 Platform, thereby increasing the added value of the Solution for the Public Sector and incorporating unique Know-How and skills into the world of Software Solutions for Administration.