Julio A. Falces Delgado

Director Asociate
Norte de España

Tel: 902 003 729 | 615 736 357
Email: julio.falces@omdhrconsulting.com

Gijón, Spain

Since June 2009 Associate Director for Northern Spain. Professional experience of 27 years, in the area of Human Resources, mainly as a generalist, having occupied different positions both in the field of the company as in the consulting.

  • I started my professional career in 1984 as an assistant in the Personnel Department of the food company ÁLVAREZ ENTRENA where I mainly developed Personnel Administration, Labor Relations and Selection work for almost four years.
  • I was attached to the Human Resources Department of EULEN, where I took on the role of internal consultant for advice on Labor Relations, Development and application of Remuneration Policies, Evaluation, Organization and Selection
  • AT & T NETWORK SYSTEMS. I developed my work as Head of Human Resources Systems with the main responsibilities of collaboration in the design and application of the Remuneration Policies and application of the Agreement, Human Resources Computerization, collaboration in the Evaluation of Posts based on HAY, Office of Expatriates And Employee Relations.
  • In my next project as Head of Human Resources at FLUOR DANIEL, I assumed the overall responsibility of the Human Resources Area for all subcontracted personnel in the Project, Engineering and Construction Management for the chemical company DUPONT in Asturias in Phase II (THF) of Complex factory installed there.
  • Head of Human Resources in ALTA GESTIÓN to provide services in INDITEX-ZARA assuming the global responsibility of the Human Resources Area for all subcontracted ZARA Logistics and Commercial Administration personnel in its logistics center in La Coruña.
  • HR MANAGER en GENERAL ELECTRIC POWER CONTROLS SPAIN, desarrollando programas de Gestión del Cambio y Coaching para todo el equipo ejecutivo y de mandos, con especial incidencia en las Oficinas Centrales Europeas para esa unidad de negocio de GENERAL ELECTRIC situadas en Barcelona.
  • HR MANAGER en PEPSICO FOOD INTERNATIONAL (FRITO LAY, LAYS, DORITOS, CHEETOS…) en Barcelona, asumiendo responsabilidades en el área comercial-recursos humanos, industrial-recursos humanos y finalmente Responsable de Desarrollo del Equipo directivo en las Oficinas Centrales para el Sur de Europa de PEPSICO FOOD INTERNATIONAL.
  • In 1999 I was hired as Director of Human Resources and a member of the Senior Management Committee of the company CAPSA (CENTRAL LECHERA ASTURIANA, ATO, LARSA), and came to develop a complete Human Resources policy.
  • Finally, before joining the consulting firm OMD HR Consulting, I founded the human resources and strategy consultancy PERSONRESEARCH XXI in which I have developed projects for seven years of Coaching and Leadership in the companies HC ENERGÍA, NEO and NATURGAS belonging To the EDP group, working with the TQM company I was assigned as a Coach in a Project for the Development of the PDVSA (PETRÓLEOS DE VENEZUELA) in both the oil and gas businesses. In recent years I have managed management development projects in the companies SCHWEPPES, LA CAIXA, BANCO URQUIJO, BANKINTER, HC ENERGIA, INDRA, PWC, ONO, SANITAS, PORTS DEL ESTADO, TELECINCO, PIAGGIO, FRED OLSEN, BABCOCK BORSIG etc., I also collaborate as a teacher in the ASTURIAS BUSINESS SCHOOL FOUNDATION and is part of the HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT CENTER team.