Functionality based on real experience

Based on the OMD Team’s distinctive Know-How and Experience

The Platform’s Functional Analysis and Design, both for the Master and each of the Modules, has been defined by Human Resources professionals with an extensive and long professional career in:

  • Line Management positions in first-rate Multinational Companies, in which the Human Resources function was highly developed.
  • Consulting, in the main Multinational Companies in the HR sector.



Process-oriented Functionality

The methodology defined for carrying out some of the Key People Management Processes  is extremely innovative in a number of them.  As a result, the way in which several of them are carried out makes our modules unique on both the national and international market. For example, we will provide details of two of the innovations introduced in some of the Processes:

  • Job Evaluation: this is performed by means of a questionnaire developed by OMD, using understandable language, both for business professionals and HR professionals who are not technical experts. In addition, using an algorithm developed by OMD; the result of the JE Process can be obtained in different “languages” (Hay, WW, Mercer), in order to conduct the salary review using several surveys.
  • Salary Review: it is possible to define different matrices, using all the information available in the various modules (level of suitability for the job, Performance evaluation, Company/team results, etc.), in order to determine the criteria for increases in Fixed Remuneration or payment of Variable Remuneration.