“It is a platform that is supported by some perfectly structured and cohesive processes which give meaning and coherence to the full management of our human resources. Above all, it was designed and created by human resources professionals, who have a human resources vision and mentality, and that is very clear”

“A very practical and complete tool which allows you to manage the processes, both for managers and HR, in a very practical manner (…), but it is really the platform’s outputs that underpin a very logical process philosophy”

“The OMD team involved and identified itself with our company in such a way that a very productive connection and synergy was created, which has helped us to improve a great deal”

Berta Domínguez, People Development General Manager, TOYOTA SPAIN


“(The OMD HCM Platform) is an intuitive, simple and functional tool, which allows the key HR processes to be managed in a holistic and ordered manner.

“Compared with other tools that I was familiar with, I liked how easy it was to use and how complete it is, as it includes the whole cycle of human resources processes.”

“I see two outstanding factors: firstly, it includes the processes from the function’s two main drivers: 1) the organisation and 2) people; and secondly, it is very good value for money”

Pablo Rodriguez Izquierdo, Corporate HR Director, PRODIEL