360º Feedback (360)

Starting from a “friendly” interaction with the evaluator, it allows to approach the process with total flexibility, using the Competencies model of each Organization.

Capture 360º Feedback to help each employee understand the impact their behaviors have on others, their perceptions about their strengths and areas of opportunity, in order to define their Individual Development Plan.

  • Connected to the Competency ModelIncorporate your Competency Model, or develop one from the beginning, and get the evaluation results organized in the same way.
  • Individual Report

    Generate a detailed report for each employee evaluated, comparing their results, with the average of the results obtained by groups to which it belongs (eg, their function, level, etc.).


  • Comparison with Market

    Compare the results of the evaluated with the aggregated results of other professionals, segmenting the population of comparison by sector, by size of Company, by country, etc.

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