Cost Components Year 1 Renewal Year 2 and following yrs.
Annual Subscription: access to the current functionality and new functionalities, at no additional cost and

Technical Maintenance (solution of technical incidents and new versions)

Training (user training) Optional
Initial Implementation (parameterisation, loading and start-up) Optional
Comprehensive Management (full management of HCM Platform) Optional Optional

Optional: the cost will be defined in each case according to the client’s needs.

Item Cost per Job Cost per Person and Module Cost per Master Module
Annual Subscription From…€24

Depending on the number signed up for


Depending on the number signed up for


Depending on the number signed up for

Training for HR Administrators €500 PER MODULE



Additional discounts depending on the number of modules signed up for

Contact us to request a personalised estimate, in line with your needs






  • Gives access to the subscribed module and unlimited use of all its functions.
  • Depends on the number of jobs or people, depending on the module.
  • It can be adjusted (increased or decreased) each year; you only pay for what you use.
  • Technical Support
    • Includes daily management (security copies, database administration, etc.) and resolving any technical incidents involving any of the platform’s HW or SW components.
    • Functional evolution that OMD will incorporate periodically (new versions).

Resolution of doubts that the platform administrator (1 per module) may have about the functioning of the modules purchased



  • Training courses for future users of the platform, which are normally delivered only once, following the initial deployment.



INITIAL DEPLOYMENTprecio_implantacion

  • Consists of the platform’s installation, initial set-up, start-up and loading of the initial data, using the data provided by the company in a format pre-defined by OMD.
  • Only required once.





  • Comprehensive management of all the running of the Processes, from their Initial Deployment, and including Functional Support, and managing the processes themselves in the various modules, database updating, etc.
  • Constant updates of information, on request from the client.