Why an HCM Solution?


Are you lacking a HCM application designed by and for Spanish HR executives?

Is the lack of suitable tools a real obstacle to implementing HR policies?

Have you still not found an HCM application which adequately supports your key HR processes?

You don’t understand why it has to be you that needs to adapt your processes to the HCM applications, when it should be the opposite?

Do you think that HCM solutions are only accessible to large companies because they are expensive to buy and implement?

Would you like to pay for an HCM application only if and when you use it, with no prior commitments or investment?

Do you think that you depend excessively on your IT department to provide you with the technology solutions that you require?

Is your information scattered among many spreadsheets, which as well as being difficult to keep up-to-date compromises the confidentiality of your employees’ data?

Do users complain about the lack of tools for, e.g., evaluating performance or proposing a consistent salary review?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, at OMD WE CAN HELP YOU.