Definition of objectives (OST)

Define Company, Department and Personal Objectives, linking their% of compliance to variable salary.


It allows to define percentage scales at company level, at a collective level, at the departmental level and at a personal level, so that once the financial year has ended and the results have been entered, calculate the economic amount of the variable remuneration.


  •     Definition of objectives

It allows to introduce the objectives at the level of Company, Collective, Department and Individual, both the% of weight that represents, and the scaling in% to calculate the economic amount in case of getting 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% Or 100% of the objectives.


  •     Allocation of results

HR will charge the results at the company level at the end of the year and each manager will count the results at Team and Individual level.


  • Informes
    Los empleados y manager, pueden acceder a los informes salariales de retribución variable, donde puede ver en qué grado se han conseguido los objetivos fijados y qué impacto han tenido económicamente en el cómputo de su retribución variable.

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