Training Development (TDT)

Plan all those training actions, according to the different Professional Projections.


Define the Formative Processes, Formative Pillars and Competences. Assign Channels to employees. Define Formative Actions by assigning them to Training Pillars and Processes.


  •     Formative Structure

Define Processes, Pillars, Phases, Competencies, Functions / Channels, Segments and Roles.


  •     Formative Actions

Define the necessary Formative Actions, associating them with the different elements of the Formative Structure.


  •     Formative Itineraries

Know for each Employee, the Formative Actions that correspond to him according to the Role assigned to him. Know the total number of Training Actions required, as well as the number of employees assigned to each Action to manage the hiring of trainers (TMD Process of OMD).


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